DZZOM is commercializing the field of NETWORK MEDICINE, a new discipline focused on uncovering actionable molecular pathways that define and regulate human disease.

Our expertise uniquely enables us to merge an exploding number of experimental data sets and apply our industry-proven platform to identify new drug targets and patient-specific profiles for drug response in the age of precision medicine.

DZZOM Platform Technology

We are partnered with world-leading biopharmaceutical companies to tackle significant unmet needs. DZZOM was co-founded by two leaders of Network Medicine; Dr. Albert Laszlo Barabasi, Director of the Institute of Network Science at Northeastern University and Dr. Joseph Loscalzo, Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Professor at Harvard Medical School.


Identification of Disease associated, prioritized genes and pathways, 50x FASTER


Identify opportunities for failed drug programs, with FastTrack approval.



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